In 1948, Theo Brugman started working in the industry and now the third generation Brugman is also active in the field.

BRUGMAN Fournisseurs des Décorateurs has been active in it’s current form as an importer and agent for foreign manufacturers of fabrics, furniture, carpets and accessories since 1985.

These manufacturers all operate worldwide and can be considered world-famous brand names with an outstanding reputation.
It is our task to represent the interests of these brands in the best possible way and to give the collections of these manufacturers a prominent place in the Dutch interior market.

As our name suggests, we supply the products of our brands exclusively to interior professionals.

Our showroom is open by appointment only and to the trade. Private individuals are welcome under the guidance of an interior design specialist.

The products of our brands lend themselves particularly well to the furnishing of private homes, but all the brands we carry also offer many possibilities for projects:
offices, hotels, restaurants, palaces, museums and other commercial or government buildings.
This fact is of particular interest to architects and project designers.

The list of projects to which our brands and we have contributed is too long to mention here, but we would like to mention the following locations:
all Royal Palaces, Rijksmuseum, Mauritshuis, Provinciehuis Welgelegen, Headquarters ABNAMRO Bank, hotels Amstel, De l’Europe, TwentySeven, Pullitzer, College, Dylan, Rodina, etc.



Handelsonderneming Th.M. Brugman B.V.
Van Beekstraat 302 – NL – 1121 NW Landsmeer
Tel: +31 20 482 5851
E-mail: info@brugmanbv.nl
Instagram: @brugmanbv

Importers and agents of world famous manufacturers of fabrics, leather, furniture, carpets and accessories, exclusively for the Netherlands, since 1985.

Our showroom is open from Monday to Friday from 10h00 to 16h00;

Visits by appointment only, private individuals accompanied by an interior design specialist.